Friday, July 30, 2010

ZUMBA fitness!!

Some of you may be familiar with the relatively new fitness/workout craze known as ZUMBA. Yes the name is a little crazy but the concept and the class are GENIUS!!! Needless to say it may be one of the most popular movements in fitness since the thigh master in the early nineties. I would say form personal experience that it is the best invention EVER!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the movement, ZUMBA is an aerobic fitness class offered at many local gyms, spas, YMCA's and other local fitness establishments incorporating, salsa, bollywood, hip hop and other various forms of up beat dance genres put together to top forty type songs for about an hour at a time. And let me tell you it is a workout!! Every person I talk to, myself included, get a better workout during this 60 minute aerobic, non stop, class than running, biking, or elipticaling. I myself am worn out after a class. But I love it so much that I try to attend three classes a week.

On Wednesday, I began to look around the class at the various people crowding into the studio to take this class, and today I realized that there should be a certain etiquette to taking, following along in a ZUMBA class. They may seem trite, or even a bit ...gasp mean, but those of you who have taken one of these classes before may very well agree with me.

1. As with ANY type of clothing one may wear, it is not and I repeat NOT okay to wear a THONG under stretchy semi see through bottoms while doing squatting, lunging, and bending, to upbeat music, it is NOT cute to see the lines of your thong nad therefore your BUTT, Trust me I would rather see your pantie lines, than see you but jiggling around. Thanks!!

2. If you are not blessed with rhythm, and many of you know who you are....please, PLEASE do not stand in the front middle of the class. It throws everyone else off beat as well, this may be one of my biggest pet peeves. Not to say that I have the best moves in the world but really, if you are a step and a beat BEHIND the instructor, please move to ward the back or side of the class.

3. If you are a white, upper middle class, middle aged, stay at home mom, who comes to the class in order to release you inner "in da club" 80's moves, PLEASE...CONTINUE, it makes me laugh and gives me something to look forward to in the future, I hope I move like you when I am your age, and if your husband only knew how good your moves still are, then you are in luck.

4. If you happen to be one of those people who are blessed with great rhythm and good dance skills, don't try to show everyone else up, because this is annoying, and it makes others who do not have rhythm and are trying to get a good workout feel bad. So just tone it down a bit and stand in front so others can follow.

5. For those of you that may not sweat at all, like even after a half hour of heart pounding, heel stomping, booty shaking movement to hot music, throw some water on your face. It makes those of us who sweat just by sitting in a hot room feel well...GROSS when we/I am sweating thru all parts of my shirt, my hair is stuck to my scalp, and my face is scarlet, and you are hopping around in your little matching shorts and tee shirt, with your make up still neat, and your hair DOWN on your neck looking like you just blew it dry. This is just a personal observation, if you work out you should have to sweat!!

That is all my friends, if you have not tried a ZUMBA class I encourage you to do so. It is i the best workout you will ever have!!!

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