Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SATCO musings...

SATCO (San Antonio Taco Company) is a great local tex mex joint located conveniently directly across 21st Avenue from the Div school at Vandy. Now usually I do not post about favorite places to eat, or sleep, or anything like that, but today I realized that in the last two weeks, I have had some of the best times while sitting in the plastic lawn chairs of this place eating semi warm tex mex food wrapped in foil and served in a paper throw away boat.

The first of these two meeting was held the Thursday of Orientation at Vandy. I was sitting by myself waiting for my next meeting and in walked three other new students, also new to Nashville. As we sat there together eating our lunch and sharing in the new experiences we have each had over the past few days, and it was in that moment I realized something....I am going to be okay here. And right now, at this time in my life, I am right where I am supposed to be.

the second of these two meeting occurred today. Following morning classes two new friends of mine and I once again crossed 21st avenue and entered the well packed restaurant. While I sat there sharing chips and Queso with these two young men I realized something else....I am called to be here. And for the first time in a long time I felt the call.

Some of you may think these two statements are one in the same. I do not. You see for many years, for the past few years actually, I have been where others and myslef to some extent have told me I was "supposed" to be. I was "supposed" to be a religion major, I was "supposed' to go to seminary, I was "supposed" to stick out Candler and graduate, then I was "supposed" to take time off and get a job. But then something happened, in September of last year, I felt CALLED to apply to Vandy and this past week I was affirmed that for the first time in a long time, I was SUPPOSED to be somewhere, because I was CALLED to be somewhere!!!

I felt the CALL again, and because I am where God wants me to be right now in my life, I feel I am SUPPOSED to be there. Nashville, where I can be around those who love me. Div school where I am preparing for whatever God has in store for me. And SATCO where good conversations can happen over Queso and chips, foil wrapped tacos served in paper boats, while sitting in plastic lawn chairs waiting for class to start.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Candler v. Vanderbilt 2010

Hello Friends!! I have been notified that my blog posts are INDEED being read by some of you out there in electronic la la land. This warms my soul and makes me feel like I am not wasting my time blogging about my life and my "weak" opinions on various topics in the world. As promised today I am going to post some informtaion about the Orientation happenings here for the incoming MDIV student at the Vanderbilt Divinity School.

I must give a disclosure however, having been through a divinity, MDIV at that orientation once bfore EXACTLY five years ago, and having also been an orientation volunteer for THREE years I am not promising that I have the most objective, and open minded approach to the orintation at the Vanderbilt Divinity School. But I will give you the musings of what I have encountered thus far!!

1. Worship v No Worship
Many of you who attended Candler Schol of theology will remember that every day of orientation was begun with gathering in the Cannon Chapel to worship as a community and gather together in a time of reflection and song. But more importantly it was the first time many of us would witness understated, yet overpowering,a nd full body motional directing of Barbara Day Miller, more lovingly called BDM. I say this to you not as a way to poke fun but rather realize the exact moments many of us witnessed this monumentally petite woman who would for the next three years of our lives be remembered at Halloween parties, and Jesus parties for years to come. Vanderbilt has no such thing, we meet in the "Divinity Reading Room" and as my Associate Dean so lovingly exclaimed today that Vanderbilt is a "school, not a church" I leave that with you to think upon.

2. Alumni Office v Library
While at Emory I somehow was able to NOT find a workstudy position anywhere on campus until my FOURTH year attending the institution and at that point I worked for my last semester at the Alumni Relations house, how fitting since I NEVER became an ALUMNI. However here at Vanderbilt, I got on the ball and somehow managed to snag a coveted position at the Central Library in the circulation department. That is where I bring this posting from tonight.

3. Social v Academic
At Candler on the first day of orientation following lunch in the 115 degree with humidity heat we jumped on buses and headed with the other students to the King Center to learn about the notorious civil rights leader himself and later discuss the impact he and his life still have on the social, theological, and global world. Here at Vanderbilt we sit together and listen to 45 minute sessions of EACH faculty member in his/her area tell us about themselves, their area and then tell us incoming students about the amazing classes they will be offered and are most excited about that we as incoming students will not be privy to. I thought I would never say this but I prefer the king center.

4.Come as you are v Required Reading
Candler Orientation was something I looked forward to. Meeting new people, seeing the campus in a new light as a student, exploring my new found sense of freedom, and getting ready to get good free food and chill out a bit. At Vanderbilt, it is a CLASS yes a class that you either fail or pass. It has a registration number, and value, it has readings, questions and discussions abdout those readings and lectures regarding the readings. There is NO free food, lunch on our own, and water to drink, out of a faucet, glad I brought my Nalgene. So needless to say, I am here on the second full day, working unitl 9pm hungry and well really wanting a Coca-Cola Classic.

5. Doing v Saying
I fully believe that the classes, professors, and experiences I had while at Candler (when I went), were some of the most rewarding in my academic life. I learned from great professors at a Theological institution ranked number 3 in the United States and number 1 among Methodist Seminaries. I know this not because the professors told me but becasue I read it on the internet or in the Reporter, or heard it from another professional colleague, or better yet from a colleague of a professor I was taking. I did not EVER in my 7 semesters there hear a professor in the GDR, or the Divinity school say "WE have the best (insert class, professor, genre, etc)" Nor did I hear "especially compared to (insert other institution here)" At Vanderbilt I was told today that both the Ethics and the Homiletics department at Vandy was the best in the nation, especially over EMORY, Candler, to be more specific. Now given my situation with the Candler School of Theology, I may not love all aspects of the school, but I can witness to the fact that the classes I (ahem) attended while taking Dr Don Saliers, and Dr. Tom Long were somf o f the best I have ever had, and I can only imagine the expereinces and insight I may have gained had I put forth my whole effort. Needless to say I was a bit turned off.

6. LTJ v AJL
Luke Timothy Johnson, Big Dog tees, and sweats, and socks with sandals and all is one of the best professors and scholars in the area of hte New Testament in the world. He refutes the findings of the Jesus seminar, loathes Tim Crossan, and will be the first to tell you there is MUCH you as a student so not know about the New Testament, and even more so about the Synoptic gospels. He is however, an understadniong man who in my greatest time of need took me in and counseled me in a way that no other "minister" at Candler did. A J Levine is yet another very well known and prominent scholar and therefore professor ( so I have heard) of New Testament. She is NOT however a theologian or a pastor, she said this herself yesterday in a panel discussion with other "theologians." She unlike LTJ she thinks that not only do students have it all wrong, but ALL Christians themselves have the New Testament all wrong, and no she is not a Christian. While I must be fair a tell you I have yet to have had a class with her, and yes I have a special place for LTJ, I will state that Candler has the upper hand on this.

If you are still reading this long post at this point I will say that this may in NO way be a fair or an earned critique of either of these institutions or these topics, but they are my personal opinons on the matters listed above. I loved Candler, the people, the classes, and I like Vandy so far, there may very well be a later posting where Vanderbilt wins out, so check back.

Love you!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

ZUMBA fitness!!

Some of you may be familiar with the relatively new fitness/workout craze known as ZUMBA. Yes the name is a little crazy but the concept and the class are GENIUS!!! Needless to say it may be one of the most popular movements in fitness since the thigh master in the early nineties. I would say form personal experience that it is the best invention EVER!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the movement, ZUMBA is an aerobic fitness class offered at many local gyms, spas, YMCA's and other local fitness establishments incorporating, salsa, bollywood, hip hop and other various forms of up beat dance genres put together to top forty type songs for about an hour at a time. And let me tell you it is a workout!! Every person I talk to, myself included, get a better workout during this 60 minute aerobic, non stop, class than running, biking, or elipticaling. I myself am worn out after a class. But I love it so much that I try to attend three classes a week.

On Wednesday, I began to look around the class at the various people crowding into the studio to take this class, and today I realized that there should be a certain etiquette to taking, following along in a ZUMBA class. They may seem trite, or even a bit ...gasp mean, but those of you who have taken one of these classes before may very well agree with me.

1. As with ANY type of clothing one may wear, it is not and I repeat NOT okay to wear a THONG under stretchy semi see through bottoms while doing squatting, lunging, and bending, to upbeat music, it is NOT cute to see the lines of your thong nad therefore your BUTT, Trust me I would rather see your pantie lines, than see you but jiggling around. Thanks!!

2. If you are not blessed with rhythm, and many of you know who you are....please, PLEASE do not stand in the front middle of the class. It throws everyone else off beat as well, this may be one of my biggest pet peeves. Not to say that I have the best moves in the world but really, if you are a step and a beat BEHIND the instructor, please move to ward the back or side of the class.

3. If you are a white, upper middle class, middle aged, stay at home mom, who comes to the class in order to release you inner "in da club" 80's moves, PLEASE...CONTINUE, it makes me laugh and gives me something to look forward to in the future, I hope I move like you when I am your age, and if your husband only knew how good your moves still are, then you are in luck.

4. If you happen to be one of those people who are blessed with great rhythm and good dance skills, don't try to show everyone else up, because this is annoying, and it makes others who do not have rhythm and are trying to get a good workout feel bad. So just tone it down a bit and stand in front so others can follow.

5. For those of you that may not sweat at all, like even after a half hour of heart pounding, heel stomping, booty shaking movement to hot music, throw some water on your face. It makes those of us who sweat just by sitting in a hot room feel well...GROSS when we/I am sweating thru all parts of my shirt, my hair is stuck to my scalp, and my face is scarlet, and you are hopping around in your little matching shorts and tee shirt, with your make up still neat, and your hair DOWN on your neck looking like you just blew it dry. This is just a personal observation, if you work out you should have to sweat!!

That is all my friends, if you have not tried a ZUMBA class I encourage you to do so. It is i the best workout you will ever have!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fears of Graduate School!!!

So as some of you may know I am beginning my studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School this fall to finish my lacking courses needed to earn my MDIV degree. And while five years ago EXACTLY I was in this same position, many MANY things have changed in my life....and honestly some of this scares the you -know-what out of me, here are some

1. I feel OLD. I mean really OLD. Like almost a wheely bagger old. I mean really I know that i am not OLD...i am only 27, but compared to the young 22 that I was when I graduated college and moved to Atlanta to go to Candler, I am old....I always wanted to be a young graduate student who was jumping into the world on ministry at a young age, and now I feel like that is no longer possible.

2. I am not sure how I introduce myself to people I meet at Vandy...

"Hi I'm Karney, I am a pseudo first year, pseudo transfer, pseudo last year...."

"Hi I'm Karney, I am a loser transfer student who was lazy and made bad choices now I am here..."

Or better yet...

"Hi I'm Karney, and while I've been in theology school for almost four years I am now a transfer student who has to stick around for two more years because I just felt like getting an almost degree from one institution and racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt"

See this is hard

3. How do I approach classes/readings I have ALREADY taken/read and possibly even written/presented on?? You see we have mandatory reading for orientation...yes ORIENTATION at Vanderbilt. One of these such readings is from the amazing Flannery O'Connor, love her!! But the other is an article I read not once, but TWICE in Con ed. Do I read it again...taking better notes and therefore possibly being ahead in the plenary sessions, do I not read it at all and assume I still know what the article is about, or do I skim read the article to brush up and re jog my memory?? Now this may not seem like a big deal now in JULY when I am not in classes, but what about when I am in classes with five midterms to do??? what then??

4. The dreaded, so what are you here studying for?? Ministry? Academia? Teaching?
This question scares me because for the first time in 15 years I DO NOT KNOW the answer to this question. I don't. Five years ago I did, five months ago I did, five weeks ago I did, and honestly five days ago I did. And today I don't. And that my friends scares me, and for the first time i do not know what I want to do with my life.

5. What if I fail...again?? Now I realize this question may seem ridiculous, but my entire entire academic life, I was ALWAYS at the top of my class, valedictorian, salutatorian, class officer, academic honors, major course of study honors, research awards, etc. And then graduate school, and more specifically second year of graduate school. And because I feel like I failed at Emory, I feel like I will now fail at any academic ventures I may take.

So I guess that is it....the top five fears I have about going BACK to graduate school. Feel free to leave thoughts....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm Back....

Hello!! I know, I know, I have been gone for awhile now. And I admit I kind of forgot about the whole blogging thing actually. WHAT??? It is hard to make it part of your everyday life if you are not working at a desk with a computer on it most of the day....and yes i AM calling out all of my preacher type friends out there. But alas, I am here, back and better than ever.

I have a new topic....OLD NAVY. Yes in light of the recent economic status, and because I am going back to Graduate School month!!! I have been trying to find employment that will allow me the flexibility to get my act together and go to class come August. While, I realized that OLD NAVY or a similar retail store would be the most likely place for me to gain employment, given my experience, and availability, I did not realize that amount of posting ammo I would gain for writing and of which to share my opinions. Today I had the pleasure of working a four hour shift from 2-6 pm. Yep right smack dab in the middle of the day. So on this beautiful Saturday afternoon when the temperature outside did NOT reach 95 degrees, for the first time in about three weeks, I was spending time with my fellow OLD NAVY colleagues folding clothes, and attempting to get themselves into even more debt by opening up an OLD NAVY credit card.

While working to day I did however meet some very interesting people, here are some of my encounters...

While on my way from the back room to get my assignment for the afternoon:
"Ma'am, you got any of these shoes in the back room?"
(woman holds up a pair of 2.99 flip flops from earlier this Spring, now in the Clearance section)

"No ma'am, I am sorry all the inventory we have in out on the sales floor!"

"Well then why you got them out here if you don't got no more?"

"I think they are left over from the Spring line, and that just happens to be the last pair, I am very sorry"

"Well what are you gonna do about it?"

(a bit confused) "I would be happy to call another store or look online for another pair in the size needed."

"NO! I don't got time to go all over the place looking for them, why don't you just give me this pair for the same price?" (holds up a pair of ladies dress shoes marked at 29.50....a higher price than the girls flip flops ever were, and clearly not in the same category other than they are both worn on feet)

"You want me to give you those shoes, for the price of these here?" (pointing to both pair of shoes as I speak)

"Well yeah, ain't that what you do here, that's your job right?"

"I can look at another store and try to find the shoes that are on sale, but no Ma'am I will not be able to give you the sale price on this pair of shoes"

"Fine, I didn't want them anyway!" (getting very angry and rolling her eyes, beginning to make a scene)

"Is there anything else I can help with?"

"No you have done enough!"

(Now at this point I walk to the front of the store, meet up with my manager and begin to tell her the ridiculous story of the encounter I just had in the Girls department. We both turned to go back toward the fitting rooms when we see, coming toward the front door, the same woman who wanted the sales price for brand new shoes walking toward us with a strange silhouette underneath her was the heels she wanted....stuffed into her shirt....she was trying to steal them...)

"Ma'am, did you end up buying those shoes you wanted?"

"No, I just left them back there, I 'm not paying that for them cheap things."

"Well is there something I can help you carry it looks like your hands are full?"

"NO I am fine! I am leaving" (moves toward the front door, I step in front of her, looking directly at the shoes down her shirt)

"Ma'am I realize you are upset about the price of the heels, but I am not sure they are worth stealing."

"Stealing! Stealing? You think I am Stealing?" (making a huge scene, many customers are staring, another manager comes to the scene)

"Well yes I think you are, unless you just wanted to stick those heels down your shirt to use your hands to get your money out to pay for them"

"I can't believe you are accusing me of stealing....this is racial profiling, why would I steal?"

(manager steps in) "Miss, we are not accusing you of stealing because you have not left the store yet, we are simply trying to stop you from stealing, now if you will kindly reach into your shirt, and get those heels, and give them to me, I will gladly escort you out of the store, and you will be free to have a wonderful day."

(Woman looks shocked, reaches into her shirt through the neck, flashing all of us with her NO BRA chest, grabs the heels, and throws them across the aisle, and yells, "You happy now?")

(I look at he managers, and turn to the woman and say) "Yes I am, have a wonderful day and thank you for shopping at OLD NAVY"

Lady storms out, I and the managers are left laughing and rolling eyes.

I wish I could say the rest of my afternoon was as eventful as the first 30 minutes, but alas, all I did was help people in the fitting room, being flashed by people who feel the need to open the fitting room door...WHILE COMPLETELY NAKED....

Until later.....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Three Pounds of Cheese???

Hello Fellow Bloggsters!!!

I hope that you New Year found you all healthy, happy, and safe!! Mine was uneventful and consisted of working, working out, watching the VOLS lose, and going to bed before 11:30pm CST. But it was very healthy and safe so I feel I did a good job.

As I told you in my last post I am on the quest to loose 75 pounds. In order to meet this goal I have hired a personal trainer who charges me to kick my butt once a week for the price of 35 USD she also makes me print off a food journal and bring it in to her every week. After the first full week of meeting together I handed her my food journal which consisted of my vacation weekend to San Diego and my weekend full of Christmas Parties. NOT A GOOD COMBO!! SO needless to say it was not a fair week to try this, but evidently a good indicator of the way I eat on a normal basis....according to my trainer. Anyway here is what she had to say:
eat more veggies
eat more fruit
cut out empty calories like SALT and VINEGAR CHIPS (my favorite)
drink more water

you know the basics any common sense person would do to loose weight but the next thing she said shocked me, I had NEVER heard of it before....

"Karney, you eat way too much cheese!"

Now hearing these words didn't really shock me too much but after looking at my journal and seeing the number of pink highlighted lines and words on my paper I realized I LOVE CHEESE. I love it, mexican, Italian, pizza, mac and cheese, cassorole cheese, salad cheese, string cheese, goat, blue, feta, sharp, colby name it I like it.....and evidently I eat ALOT of it. eveidently, "more than dietarily needed"

Oh and I drink too much soda....Surprise, Surprise!!

So after hearing this an dpaying her another 35 dollars for my trainer to tell me this I was given my "homework"
go one day a week with no soda, and no cheese (not the same day, I get to pick the day....think about how it makes me feel....)
eat cheese at only one meal a day, make it one thing a day i.e no pizza for lunch, and then mexican for dinner...
eat more veggies and fruit (three to five a day....duh!!!)
eat every 4-5 hours....snacks in other words....
drink water....

So last Wednesday...two days BEFORE Christmas I began my "homework" and after keeping a journal, eating mexican with NO cheese, having fruits and veggies, and snacks, I weighed myself on Wednesday and too my horror....I had lost 3 pounds....yes THREE POUNDS!!!

No wyou may be saying great job Karney!!! Three pounds that is great....I am horrified becasue that means before my new homework I was:

Eating three pounds of cheese a week
Drinking three pounds of Coke a week
Or eating/drinking a combination of both weighing three pounds total

first wonder I am stopped up???
Second that is BAD!!!

And I while I am supposed to be thinking about my feelings during all of this I feel, no less skinny, but glad I lost three pounds, found a love of caffinated hot chocolate, and am saving money on cheese...

January 1, 2010
3lbs lost
72 lbs to go

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Year in review!!!

Hello again Blog family. I realize I have been absent for quite sometime now and have now decided to return to the family and conversation for now....i may very well see you again in a few months. Anyway, I have been reading up on other blogs in my family and have come to realize that well, I may just not be as funny as some other people...Erik...Becky....but I will give it a whirl.

Here is a quick update....
Vandy app is pretty much in and underway...I will keep you posted
Tootsie the dog is crazy as ever....
Titans, while giving much excitement to the AFC since their record tieing loss to the Patriots in October have officially lost the race for playoff wild card....guess I am pulling for the Colts.
Mom and dad are good and Christmas is over
Still hate my job, but is still paying bills....Barely!!
Still love football and am taking a liking to highschool basketball....who knew??

Well now that I have given an update I guess I will now announce my next venture in the life that is Karney. I guess you could say it falls within the lines of traveling...because I will be traveling more to the.....gym!! Yes friends for hte first time in my 26 years of life I will be making the resolution to Loose weight!!

Now many of you may be asking yourselfs, Karney why do you need this resolution?? Well friends the answer to that is that it takes quite a bit of time, effort, and energy to keep up a body such as mine!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

No really the reason is this....I stepped on a scale just for kicks and giggles the other day and realized that well the number I saw was not good....not good at all. So I decided I will jump on the beginning of the year wagon and resolve to loose weight!!!

Now a few weeks ago I decided I would get a personal trainer, you know one to teach me how to work out and not hurt myself. You know when you go to the gym spend time on the eliptical, lift a few weights to keep up with the cool kids and then wake up the next morning unable to move nad vow NEVER to go to the gym again....yeah I wanted to keep that from happening. She is good I like her....she is a skinny bitch but in the long run I think she will be good for me.

The first time we met she said..."you are really strong, I can tell you have a nice, muscular, athletic, build" I took that to be a compliment but really I think it was a trainers way of saying yeah you are fat, but I guess you can lift weights....

So I guess in a few words my next venture int he world of Karney is to ......drum roll please.....loose 75 pounds. Yes SEVENTY FIVE. I will post pictures soon and let you know how it is going.