Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm Back....

Hello!! I know, I know, I have been gone for awhile now. And I admit I kind of forgot about the whole blogging thing actually. WHAT??? It is hard to make it part of your everyday life if you are not working at a desk with a computer on it most of the day....and yes i AM calling out all of my preacher type friends out there. But alas, I am here, back and better than ever.

I have a new topic....OLD NAVY. Yes in light of the recent economic status, and because I am going back to Graduate School month!!! I have been trying to find employment that will allow me the flexibility to get my act together and go to class come August. While, I realized that OLD NAVY or a similar retail store would be the most likely place for me to gain employment, given my experience, and availability, I did not realize that amount of posting ammo I would gain for writing and of which to share my opinions. Today I had the pleasure of working a four hour shift from 2-6 pm. Yep right smack dab in the middle of the day. So on this beautiful Saturday afternoon when the temperature outside did NOT reach 95 degrees, for the first time in about three weeks, I was spending time with my fellow OLD NAVY colleagues folding clothes, and attempting to get themselves into even more debt by opening up an OLD NAVY credit card.

While working to day I did however meet some very interesting people, here are some of my encounters...

While on my way from the back room to get my assignment for the afternoon:
"Ma'am, you got any of these shoes in the back room?"
(woman holds up a pair of 2.99 flip flops from earlier this Spring, now in the Clearance section)

"No ma'am, I am sorry all the inventory we have in out on the sales floor!"

"Well then why you got them out here if you don't got no more?"

"I think they are left over from the Spring line, and that just happens to be the last pair, I am very sorry"

"Well what are you gonna do about it?"

(a bit confused) "I would be happy to call another store or look online for another pair in the size needed."

"NO! I don't got time to go all over the place looking for them, why don't you just give me this pair for the same price?" (holds up a pair of ladies dress shoes marked at 29.50....a higher price than the girls flip flops ever were, and clearly not in the same category other than they are both worn on feet)

"You want me to give you those shoes, for the price of these here?" (pointing to both pair of shoes as I speak)

"Well yeah, ain't that what you do here, that's your job right?"

"I can look at another store and try to find the shoes that are on sale, but no Ma'am I will not be able to give you the sale price on this pair of shoes"

"Fine, I didn't want them anyway!" (getting very angry and rolling her eyes, beginning to make a scene)

"Is there anything else I can help with?"

"No you have done enough!"

(Now at this point I walk to the front of the store, meet up with my manager and begin to tell her the ridiculous story of the encounter I just had in the Girls department. We both turned to go back toward the fitting rooms when we see, coming toward the front door, the same woman who wanted the sales price for brand new shoes walking toward us with a strange silhouette underneath her was the heels she wanted....stuffed into her shirt....she was trying to steal them...)

"Ma'am, did you end up buying those shoes you wanted?"

"No, I just left them back there, I 'm not paying that for them cheap things."

"Well is there something I can help you carry it looks like your hands are full?"

"NO I am fine! I am leaving" (moves toward the front door, I step in front of her, looking directly at the shoes down her shirt)

"Ma'am I realize you are upset about the price of the heels, but I am not sure they are worth stealing."

"Stealing! Stealing? You think I am Stealing?" (making a huge scene, many customers are staring, another manager comes to the scene)

"Well yes I think you are, unless you just wanted to stick those heels down your shirt to use your hands to get your money out to pay for them"

"I can't believe you are accusing me of stealing....this is racial profiling, why would I steal?"

(manager steps in) "Miss, we are not accusing you of stealing because you have not left the store yet, we are simply trying to stop you from stealing, now if you will kindly reach into your shirt, and get those heels, and give them to me, I will gladly escort you out of the store, and you will be free to have a wonderful day."

(Woman looks shocked, reaches into her shirt through the neck, flashing all of us with her NO BRA chest, grabs the heels, and throws them across the aisle, and yells, "You happy now?")

(I look at he managers, and turn to the woman and say) "Yes I am, have a wonderful day and thank you for shopping at OLD NAVY"

Lady storms out, I and the managers are left laughing and rolling eyes.

I wish I could say the rest of my afternoon was as eventful as the first 30 minutes, but alas, all I did was help people in the fitting room, being flashed by people who feel the need to open the fitting room door...WHILE COMPLETELY NAKED....

Until later.....

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Sarah said...

Um. Wow. You've got sermon illustrations for LIFE!