Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Years From Now...

So I know it has been awhile....well five months to be exact. So for my friends I am here updating my blog and hoping to continue on a regular basis.

So to update those of you who may be out of the loop... I am in Nashville now, no longer at the Candler School of theology and living with the parents. I must say that five years ago I never in a thousand years dreamed that I would be in the place I am in right now. It just goes to show that good plans and a few years can change everything.

I am currently unemployed and while people continue to tell me that it is the state of the economy, not me that is to blame still question the decision to leave Candler. I figured it would have been an easier transition for me to make...a few weeks out of work and I would be employed living the life I dreamed of when I left school. While I am glad that I am NOT in school right now I can't help but want something productive to do in my life, other than reading Twilight series and watching Days of Our Lives.

I call my friends and they are all doing the thing I had planned on doing...pastoring a church. I envy them and I wish them all the luck in the world...but I somehow wish that my dream was coming true too.

Don't get me wrong I am in a great place and I am very blessed...i have a roof over my head, food to eat and a loving family...I guess it is hard becasue five years ago I never thought this would be my reality.

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