Friday, March 13, 2009

And the time for Adulthood Has Cometh

So after 20and 1/2 years of schooling, 10 summer jobs lasting three months at a time, Full time ministry at part time pay, hourly retail jobs, and three months of sitting around the house being nagged by my parents......i start a job. Like a real job....not a part time need to pay off my credit card job and real adult job with all kinds of responsibility.
Monday I begin my job as a a bank teller for SunTrust bank INC. I am now an employee of the federal division of commerce (or something like that). This means that every day I will awake at 6 am...and drive approximately 30 miles to stand at a window and deal with people's money....most of which will probably be making more than I will but still I will have a job.
I train for three weeks (two in the classroom and one on site) and then begin my time as a money pusher....oh the thrill!!

Now you may be asking yourself..."Karney, why is this such a big deal?" Well my friends I though the same thing until I was hired and realized that a drug screen and fingerprinting were involved...from now until the end of time I am in the federal database...they will definitely be able to track me. And who knew the drug testing would be so serious....they actually went in the room with me to watch me pee...oh seriously like I was going to take the stash of urine out of my belly button and use it??

Anyway all of this nonsense to say....I am really excited...and thankful that i found a job with benefits (401K, HMO, PPO, IRA, IIA.....). Ask me in a few weeks if I am still as excited.

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Lance said...

Work is for suckers.