Sunday, September 13, 2009

An update and promise to readers...

Hello readers,
Yes I am still here in the world of blogging. I have however been negligent in my posting do to...well there really is no excuse. However, now that it is football season and I will heave multiple hours of my weekends sitting in front of the television, I figure the least I can do is blog so my amazing readers can keep up with my thoughts.

Well a few months ago I traveled to Pensacola to visit a friend of mine from graduate school. she and I lived together for year and I can say it was a year I will NEVER forget. The weekend can be summed up in these words...closed chapter, and bittersweet. I always look at this friend in two ways. One in a way that has me wishing I had her life. good job, steady boyfriend, cute hair, and features, family who loves her, and a life that is pretty much picturesque. In the second way, I would be lost if I were in her position, being completely out of ministry, looking at no real future in something I love, living at home with a family that is overbearing, and having a masters degree that I am using in no way at all.
I think about her often, but am somehow relieved that she is there and I am here.

Just last week i went visit another friend of mine from graduate school. this friend I did not live, with, and actually did not actually become good friends with her until my third year in Atlanta. While we worked together one Summer and we had many random outing to get vera bradley purses, it was not until our weekly ritual of dinner that I realized how great of a person this friend was. In fact I guess you could say that she is the Best of the best that I met in Atlanta. I stood with her at her wedding and remain close with her today.

These two travels were important in many ways. they bookmarked my over Memorial Day weekend, and the other over Labor Day weekend. The other is that these two women represent two VERY different periods of my life. Sort of in a way of what I was and what a aim to be. While I am very different in action, temprement, personality, and physically than either one of these ladies, there is still a part of each of them that is a part of me. I guess you could call this summer of the traveling Karney one of closing one door and continueing to walk through another.

So friends there it is a post to get me off the delinquent list and a little bit of a teaser for the rest of the year. Hope youa re all doing well and hope to hear from you all soon.

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Becky said...

Yeah Karney! Welcome back to blogging :)