Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Year in review!!!

Hello again Blog family. I realize I have been absent for quite sometime now and have now decided to return to the family and conversation for now....i may very well see you again in a few months. Anyway, I have been reading up on other blogs in my family and have come to realize that well, I may just not be as funny as some other people...Erik...Becky....but I will give it a whirl.

Here is a quick update....
Vandy app is pretty much in and underway...I will keep you posted
Tootsie the dog is crazy as ever....
Titans, while giving much excitement to the AFC since their record tieing loss to the Patriots in October have officially lost the race for playoff wild card....guess I am pulling for the Colts.
Mom and dad are good and Christmas is over
Still hate my job, but is still paying bills....Barely!!
Still love football and am taking a liking to highschool basketball....who knew??

Well now that I have given an update I guess I will now announce my next venture in the life that is Karney. I guess you could say it falls within the lines of traveling...because I will be traveling more to the.....gym!! Yes friends for hte first time in my 26 years of life I will be making the resolution to Loose weight!!

Now many of you may be asking yourselfs, Karney why do you need this resolution?? Well friends the answer to that is that it takes quite a bit of time, effort, and energy to keep up a body such as mine!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

No really the reason is this....I stepped on a scale just for kicks and giggles the other day and realized that well the number I saw was not good....not good at all. So I decided I will jump on the beginning of the year wagon and resolve to loose weight!!!

Now a few weeks ago I decided I would get a personal trainer, you know one to teach me how to work out and not hurt myself. You know when you go to the gym spend time on the eliptical, lift a few weights to keep up with the cool kids and then wake up the next morning unable to move nad vow NEVER to go to the gym again....yeah I wanted to keep that from happening. She is good I like her....she is a skinny bitch but in the long run I think she will be good for me.

The first time we met she said..."you are really strong, I can tell you have a nice, muscular, athletic, build" I took that to be a compliment but really I think it was a trainers way of saying yeah you are fat, but I guess you can lift weights....

So I guess in a few words my next venture int he world of Karney is to ......drum roll please.....loose 75 pounds. Yes SEVENTY FIVE. I will post pictures soon and let you know how it is going.

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