Friday, January 1, 2010

Three Pounds of Cheese???

Hello Fellow Bloggsters!!!

I hope that you New Year found you all healthy, happy, and safe!! Mine was uneventful and consisted of working, working out, watching the VOLS lose, and going to bed before 11:30pm CST. But it was very healthy and safe so I feel I did a good job.

As I told you in my last post I am on the quest to loose 75 pounds. In order to meet this goal I have hired a personal trainer who charges me to kick my butt once a week for the price of 35 USD she also makes me print off a food journal and bring it in to her every week. After the first full week of meeting together I handed her my food journal which consisted of my vacation weekend to San Diego and my weekend full of Christmas Parties. NOT A GOOD COMBO!! SO needless to say it was not a fair week to try this, but evidently a good indicator of the way I eat on a normal basis....according to my trainer. Anyway here is what she had to say:
eat more veggies
eat more fruit
cut out empty calories like SALT and VINEGAR CHIPS (my favorite)
drink more water

you know the basics any common sense person would do to loose weight but the next thing she said shocked me, I had NEVER heard of it before....

"Karney, you eat way too much cheese!"

Now hearing these words didn't really shock me too much but after looking at my journal and seeing the number of pink highlighted lines and words on my paper I realized I LOVE CHEESE. I love it, mexican, Italian, pizza, mac and cheese, cassorole cheese, salad cheese, string cheese, goat, blue, feta, sharp, colby name it I like it.....and evidently I eat ALOT of it. eveidently, "more than dietarily needed"

Oh and I drink too much soda....Surprise, Surprise!!

So after hearing this an dpaying her another 35 dollars for my trainer to tell me this I was given my "homework"
go one day a week with no soda, and no cheese (not the same day, I get to pick the day....think about how it makes me feel....)
eat cheese at only one meal a day, make it one thing a day i.e no pizza for lunch, and then mexican for dinner...
eat more veggies and fruit (three to five a day....duh!!!)
eat every 4-5 hours....snacks in other words....
drink water....

So last Wednesday...two days BEFORE Christmas I began my "homework" and after keeping a journal, eating mexican with NO cheese, having fruits and veggies, and snacks, I weighed myself on Wednesday and too my horror....I had lost 3 pounds....yes THREE POUNDS!!!

No wyou may be saying great job Karney!!! Three pounds that is great....I am horrified becasue that means before my new homework I was:

Eating three pounds of cheese a week
Drinking three pounds of Coke a week
Or eating/drinking a combination of both weighing three pounds total

first wonder I am stopped up???
Second that is BAD!!!

And I while I am supposed to be thinking about my feelings during all of this I feel, no less skinny, but glad I lost three pounds, found a love of caffinated hot chocolate, and am saving money on cheese...

January 1, 2010
3lbs lost
72 lbs to go


Jill said...

Karney, I am very proud of you! These are good realizations, huh? ;) And stay away from the soda...they will get you every time! :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Karney! Keep up the good work. Remember, no diet will work if you cut out everything without rewarding yourself from time to time...Hershey Kisses and other individually wrapped small candies are good for that. However, I will say that the exception to that rule is soda....JUST QUIT! I cut out all soda and caffeine completely about 3 months ago. After a day or two of headaches I feel great and haven't gone back at all, except a couple sneak sips of Justin's!